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Discouragement into Encouragement

I'm feeling so discouraged right now it's a darn shame. I don't do the ranting thing on social media because I don't think it's professional. So, here I am. Of course, I love the positive rating and the positive feedback... who doesn't. I even appreciate the not so positive feedback because they took the time out to read my work and leave a comment. However, I am aware that not everyone will like or enjoy what I write and that's okay because not everyone is the same. But I do also listen to them as well because some of my negative reviews hold some truth as well. For example, when someone refers to my Westbrook High Series as, "boring high school drama"... (Yes... it is a fact that it is high school drama... but boring would be their opinion and then I'd have to say to myself...) How old are they? I created this series to be relatable to teens. Maybe they are older and not really a kid at heart. Then there are others who have said, "Oh, this was great it took me back to when I was a teen" (Bless your heart!) I'm cool with both opinions.

But then there's this issue with Amazon removing reviews and as hard as reviews are to come by be it positive or negative... it's disheartening. Yet and still I have to learn to live with it and move on. I don't do gimmicks for reviews or have my friends or family do whatever. I'm in the back and in the shadows. I'm an introvert as is and even behind the screen and to be as old as I am... I still can't seem to put myself completely out there.

I don't do this for the money, fam, or clout (that's evident, right? lol) I started writing YA because I didn't see any black young adult books out there. Sure there was a handful of YA traditionally published authors but after that who? My boys were young teens when I started to write and I saw the young girls that started hanging around them and I could see the direction they were headed. I easily recognized it because I was once there myself. I wanted to help, but I also knew that me straight up talking to them wasn't going to be received well and that it would go in one ear and out the other because I was a MOM and in their eyes to old to know what they were going through or dealing with. (lol I get that too)

Anyway, I've said all that to say as a writer I get discouraged and sometimes I want to say forget it I quit! But I know my books aren't for everyone and they may seem boring to some and way too much for others... but somewhere along the line... it's just right for some. Those are the ones I do this for. I'm not sure how many I may have helped or entertained at the same time, but I know they are out there and I know I'm not working my ass off for nothing!

When I got the comment above, my first thought was maybe it was spam or a prank, but when I went to the message and read it... I dang near cried!!! Because I do it for her and others like her. I don't write to fit in with the masses. Yes, when I write you will see a lot of mistakes and misspellings. (Some may even say get an editor) I would if I could, but until then it's just me! (I write, edit, format, and do my own book covers) It would be great to be able to afford to have someone do all that for me so all I'd have to think about is writing. When I reread my books and catch a mistake(s) I fix and re-upload. But the most important is what the young lady said above and all other positive reviews I've received.

So, when I feel like quitting... I won't! I will press on! Because even though it doesn't seem like anyone is reading or getting anything from my work... I know at least a few are and I will continue to write if only for them. !

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