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A Sequel or Standalone to Kissing Cousins

Nyla thought the worst thing that could ever happen to her was losing her first love and her unborn child. In the mist of struggling to overcome certain hardships, Nyla hangs out with a new beau who violently rapes her on their first outing. Scared to death, she promises him she’ll keep her mouth shut and not tell a soul. Somehow the cat’s out of the bag and now she fears for her life.



Kissing Cousins (Novelette)

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~A short Novelette Teen Love Story, 7,755 (Word Count)
Nyla West was a freshmen at James Taylor High. When Chase Donovan, a six feet tall popular basketball player, says, "What's up?" to her in the hallway, it was love at first sight. Well, at least for Nyla anyways.
Just when things were getting hot and heavy, Nyla and Chase's mothers tell them they can't see each other anymore because they're cousins.
Chase refuses to fall for it and continues to pursue Nyla anyways. Nyla gets pregnant and her mother wants her to do the unthinkable but Nyla has her heart dead set against it. That is until she finds out that she's not the only one with child.

Short Blurb
Nyla found and lost love the hard way.  Will she be able to pick up all the pieces and move on with her young life unscathed?


What's New for Kissing Cousins?

I have gotten so many good reviews and great feedback for this story.  Many have suggested a longer book or a part two.

I love giving my readers what they want! :)  So yes!  Either a remake or part II will be in the near future.

Love you guys!

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What Inspired me to write this?

Inspired by...

I wrote this for all the girls who didn't have that fairy tale "first time."  For all the girls whose had that "first love" even if it was one -sided.  I wrote this title well over 12 years ago.  Nyla was a freshmen when this all happened to her.  But I also know that times change and this type of thing is happening to way more girls that even may be so much more younger than Nyla.

Yes this is a conversation starter for daughters and mothers to sit down and discuss the topic of sex with one another.  Hopefully, well before you find yourself in a situation like Nyla did.