Author Heaven J. Fox

What made you write this series?

I wrote it for male and female teens in mind. I wanted each reader to hopefully see themselves and learn about the opposite sex as well. For example, if a female reader is reading it, she could grasp what's going on in the mind of a male character and vice versa.

What was the hardest about writing this book?

The number one hardest thing for me was to curse or not to curse. That was the hardest for me. After that, it was sex. Like what degree or lengths do I go to? Also, I don't write anything I wouldn't let my own children read. I don't feel I have characters curse for no reason. But realistically a lot of kids curse when not around their parents. So, that's what I do, in this book. Although, the Walker boys have a bad problem with cursing. 

Who are your favorite characters to write in this series?

I like writing them all at first, but of course, that's a cop-out answer. lol But I honestly write what the characters give me. Whoever stands up in my head and speaks to me the loudest. But having to pick one I'd have to say I love writing Amber & Patron! I love the relationship and the personalities of these two and together they are awesome! My second choice would have to be Remy & Hunter. (OOPS! Hasn't been published as of yet so I won't speak on it too much, but I as the author love their blooming chemistry!)

Why is WHS Book 10 so long?

They won't shut up! They really freaking won't! :))

I think I also have a bit of OCD to where I don't want to make a book #11. I like even numbers. (Plus, I think some readers are annoyed that there are so many books)

Here's why that is... (See Fun Fact #2)

I took a poll where those responded said they love to read shorter books. (I try to give my readers what they want.) Plus, it helped to get them out faster.

Anyway, it's so long because they keep talking to me! Even characters that aren't supposed to even speak! (Cough, cough... Remy!)

Why does it seem like some characters are disappearing?

Because they probably are! lol In life, I feel we don't always end up hanging around those we started out with. I don't know about you, but I don't even see or speak to my high school besties! Sad I know... but it is what it is.

Also, the characters who are bold enough to stand up and be heard in my head are the ones who gets the spotlight. Sure, I can make silent characters speak, but if they have nothing to say or a direct plot it's going to be pretty boring just for the sake of keeping them around.

Some who have disappeared:

Spirit - She was a minor character, to begin with, who sole purpose was to bring the gossip.

Evelyn (Roman & Jaylen's grandmother) - a Definite minor character whose purpose was to try to impart wisdom and also keep the boys grounded in reality until they got old enough they didn't really need a chaperone.

Russell (Amber's dad) - Technically any parent who don't have an active role has served their purpose. The kids are getting older now and it doesn't much involve a lot of the adults anymore.

Quincy - (He's still around) But not as much. This one kind of hurts my spirit because I tried so hard to get him a storyline but he just wants to sit in the background now. :(

What do you want readers to get from Amber?

Amber is the underdog who always seems to be in the shadows and rarely seen or heard. She's invisible. She has low self-esteem. She always wanted love and she was willing to do anything to get it. That's why when Quincy showed her some attention she tried to do things she wasn't ready for in order to feel some type of purpose. For one, Quincy was way too young and immature to give her what she felt she needed. And to be quite honest, Amber was too young herself to understand what she needed as well, but the heart and hormones of a raging teen... smh.

Then Patron came into the picture and he genuinely cares for her. What usually happens in life when that happens? The devil slips in and here comes all that temptation that's too hard to resist. Not referring to Roman as such, but she couldn't say no to what he offered her.

Long story short... I wanted Amber's character to show that you can and will find what you're looking for, but you will have to fight your own shit to keep. (But only do that if it's worth fighting for. Some trash you need to learn how to let go.)

Is this the end for the WHS Characters?

Book #10 is the end for The Westbrook High Series! :( :( :(


I've been getting a good response to continue on with them as adults. (Now I'm not sure if the readers just meant they wanted book #10 or actual adults... lol)

The way I see it, The series has to end anyway because Amber finishes school in book 10 which means there is no more Westbrook High... (At least not for that squad ;))

As an author am I ready to give up on them as characters? Not at all! I still feel like there are more to come... even with all the kids that are being born! LOL! Me personally I would love to see how they all handle their own children since they were such hell raisers.  I don't know I guess we'll all have to see what happens.

Any surprises in Book #10?

If I told you then it wouldn't be a surprise!

However, there are a few guests appearances! (I'm sure that just gave it away if you didn't already read it.)

What inspires you to write certain characters?

I started off being inspired by watching my kids. I have 7 kids and 5 of them are boys who ALL played football and hubby was a football coach. So naturally, that's where the whole football thing came from. And 2 of the boys are into performing on stage with the whole music thing. (1 has the passion for music and the other more passion for football)

Anyway, by books 6-7 I started listening to music myself to grab certain personalities from it. (Which my kids now hate because I play the songs out! LOL)

For instance, I started grabbing Patron's character from listening to A LOT of NBA Youngboy. (Uh, love him!) and then in later books his voice and music started to gear more to Offset and I think (YG?)

Remy's tone is more from Tee Grisley and 2Chains.

Roman's was A Boogie with da Hoodie and a little of Tyga. Then X (R.I.P.), and a little of Juice Wrld. (I'm thinking of a storyline in the future of KB with Roman.)

Cam started coming into my mind with YBN Nahmir.

Quincy's was Montana of 300

Believe me when I say I wanted to do sooooo much more with that Summer Cypher contest that my vision was unreal! Maybe one day if I'm Blessed enough to turn it into a movie you'll get to see what I'm talking about... uh! lol But I'm thinking of maybe detailing it a bit on my website with the songs if your interested and I get around to doing it I'll post the link here.

(The kids say, "OMG, MOM! You're too old to be listening to that music!") What can I say, at 46 I don't get out much and don't really want too! lol

WHS Fun Fact #1

When I first mapped out this story, Amber was supposed to be the only main character.

After I started writing I wrote Cam in because Amber was an only child. :) 

WHS Fun Fact #2

This series was supposed to only be 4 books long.

Breakdown: Book 1 (Freshmen Year), Book 2 (Sophomore Year), Book 3 (Junior Year), Book 4 (Senior Year)

WHS Fun Fact #3

Minor Characters who became Major characters:

First Round: (Symphony, Roman, Hunter, Quincy, Cam'Ron)

Second Round: (Patron, Remy, DeKing)

Minors who stayed Minors:

(Spirit, Jaylen, Joey, Justin, Jordan, Walker Twins, Ryder, Willow, The Parents, etc)

WHS Fun Fact #4

The Westbrook High Series Books 1&2 were originally one book that took me over a year to write and I split it in half before publishing.

Why? I felt like it was too long for a young reader to read in one sitting.